Setting up a business

Be your own boss


Setting up your own business may not be for you – but being your own boss is. If you are a freelancer or self employed we will bring companies and opportunities to support you:

Vodaphone V-Hub:

BossyourPR offers DIY PR.  
10% off their one-to-ones and membership with the code: BTSR. 1-1s can be booked through and membership

























Be different


Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone, but if you have that burning desire to make your mark we hope these ideas and connections may set you on your way:

Holly & Co. –


Be Connected

 There are a great many events out there for mothers now to connect, inspire one another & work together.  Finding the right event for you is important, we hope to bring this to you here:

The Women’s Chapter

Global Investher



































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