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Happy Mum Happy Baby:

 Merci Maman podcast interviews Louise:

Our article in Thrive Global about working flexibly:

Women’s Chapter platform:

Empowered Mama podcast:

Living Magazine featuring ‘A New Way for Mothers’

The US Dad Experience Podcast:

Thrive Global, ‘Connecting with yourself’:

Thrive Global, ‘how parents can reshape the future for ourselves and future generations:

Families Chiltern Magazine: Fresh Start ‘how to work within the hours available to you’: 

Interview in the Talented Ladies Club

San Francisco momsblog:

Daily Mail: 

Weekly Wrinkle

Weekly Wrinkle

Beyond the school run by Weekly Wrinkle - Wisdom for women in just a few lines If you’re still dealing with school age children but are looking for something more than just the school run, we’ve found a great new online destination for you. Beyond The School Run...

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