Thank you for choosing to do ‘Just One Thing’ for Kids Company! Once you have contacted us we will endeavour to use your pledge of help within 12 months, but sometimes we might take longer than this However, not all pledges may be used and we will endeavour to inform you if that is the case. We endeavour to contact everyone who gets in touch within 1 month by email or letter depending on your preference. E mail communications are quick and cost effective so please give us your email address if you can. We reserve the right to end the ‘Just One Thing’ campaign at any time and without notice. Your pledge is given on the basis that you will not charge for it. Kids Company is not liable for any expenses you may incur unless agreed upon by us in writing in advance. All monies raised for Kids Company must be paid to Kids Company in a timely manner. No funds raised for Kids Company may be withheld by the fundraiser. Neither Beyondtheschoolrun.com nor Kids Company are entering into any partnership or licence agreement with any third party involved in the ‘Just one Thing’ campaign. Participants must adhere to Kids Company’s fundraising guidelines and refer to Kids Company’s website terms and conditions and privacy policy. Beyondtheschoolrun.com assumes no responsibility, either for the person making the pledge or for the acts of omissions of Kids Company in their dealings with the person making the pledge.
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