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How I came to write a book

How I came to write a book

A New Way for Mothers I never imagined for a moment I would write a book so how did it come about? I was invited to do a talk with an online family summit and a publisher in the USA heard me speak.  Shortly after to my surprise there was an email saying would I...

Membership is OPEN

Following the success of our Founding members launch and working together with the amazing group we are opening our membership. This is an incredible opportunity to work directly with Louise, receive her guidance in taking your next steps along with support and...

Top tips for empowering mothers with their finances

As part of our week on Beyondtheschoolrun focusing on women and money we asked experts to share their top tips. Protection -Look at your protection policies, both employer and personal, understand the cover and check that you are fully covered and protected against...

Founding member launch

I am excited to share an opportunity with you. I have been thinking during this current situation that as our windows of time have got smaller it is more important than ever to find new ways to make progress.  And to do this we need clarity, support from others,...

Mindfulness techniques for kids and parents from Headspace

Tips and advice on mindful techniques for kids during lockdown  Tip 1: Breathing exercise Here are some tips and advice from Dr Megan Jones Bell, Chief Science Officer at Headspace, on some mindful activities and techniques parents can do with their...

How to get rid of Imposter Syndrome once and for all

Do you feel like a fraud? How to get rid of Imposter Syndrome once and for all By Fiona Clark, Career Coach and Founder of Inspired Mums Have you ever felt as though it’s only a matter of time until you are “found out” at work? Do you doubt your own ability and put it...

Make 2019 The Year You Discover Your Strengths

Make 2019 The Year You Discover Your Strengths By Elaine Teo, Founder and Managing Partner, Living Potential International   HOW CAN I FIGURE OUT WHAT KIND OF WORK I AM REALLY BEST SUITED TO DO? True fact: When I teach corporates how to identify their Strengths,...

Beyond Business Launches

BEYONDTHESCHOOLRUN.COM LAUNCHES BEYOND BUSINESS SUPPORTING BUSINESSES IN ENGAGING & MAINTAINING THE PARENT TALENT This new space on the Beyondtheschoolrun platform will connect businesses with organisations, learnings and opportunities that will support them in...

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