As part of our week on Beyondtheschoolrun focusing on women and money we asked experts to share their top tips.

  1. Protection -Look at your protection policies, both employer and personal, understand the cover and check that you are fully covered and protected against the unexpected.
  2. Budget -Work out a budget which gives your finances structure, budget for the year and not  just the month
  3. Wills – Is your will up to date to ensure that your estate would be distributed in line with your wishes
  4. Communicate – If you are living as a couple ensure that you both understand the family finances and where the paperwork is kept
  5. Statements -Keep track of your investments and pensions, including those from past employers, do you know how much is in them and when you can get access to it?
  6. Advise – Reach out to an advisor for a Financial Health Check, have an expert look at your finances.

Rebecca Maxwell-Hyslop, Appointed Representative of St. James’s Place Wealth

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