I created the idea for Beyondtheschoolrun.com when I became very aware of the talent drifting away from the schoolgates each day.  I had two young children and previously run and established PR agency, Rare Communications, which specialised in the kids and parents sector. I decided to take time out of the workplace between my first child and having my second and at the point that I realised I would benefit from connecting with my skills again within the hours available to me  I also started to see the barriers and issues in returning to work on a flexible basis. It was with these experiences and becoming aware of the amount of talent drifting away from the schoolgates each day that I started to dream up the concept for Beyondtheschoolrun.com. Beyondtheschoolrun.com launched in March 2011 and within the first 4 months had generated over 20,000 page views, press coverage across a range of media and even an invitation to No.10 Downing St to discuss the concept.  So that’s where the journey began..

There’s a lot of debate around the issues related to Beyondtheschoolrun since its launch and what I have come to believe is that collectively we can create a great path for us all as well as future generations we just need to take those steps forward.  Join BTSR and let’s see where this journey takes us!

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