A New Way for Mothers

I never imagined for a moment I would write a book so how did it come about? I was invited to do a talk with an online family summit and a publisher in the USA heard me speak.  Shortly after to my surprise there was an email saying would I consider sending over an outline for a possible book based on my work with Beyondtheschoolrun.

For the past year I had been writing a monthly newsletter, never very sure why I was doing it, but sharing what I had been learning each month in the early days of motherhood.  As I looked over these 12 newsletters what dawned on me was this is where the content of the book was – each chapter from each of the 12 newsletters.

So the publishers accepted my outline and I set about writing it. Dropping the childnen at school and nursery and raising home to sit in my office at the top of the house and write. It took 9 months in total and then the editing process.  

It is called ‘A New Way for Mothers’ because I felt passionately that there was an opportunity for us as mothers to create a new way, paving a new way for future generations.  Not just in work but in life too.

Every time someone writes to me to share their thoughts having read it or hearing how it may have benefitted another mother is absolute joy.

I never thought I would write a book, but I felt I had something to share that may help others, so if you feel the same maybe there’s a book waiting for you.

It was an incredible experience and I am hugely grateful too for the opportunity.

Together we can make the greatest difference


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