• This new space on the Beyondtheschoolrun platform will connect businesses with organisations, learnings and opportunities that will support them in taking their steps in creating a happier, healthier and more diverse workforce
  • A one-stop-shop for all HR, talent, diversity and wellbeing departments, the platform to connect, inspire and engage parents with their skills and talents in the hours available to them is providing a space for businesses to find all they need to take steps to create a happier, healthier and more diverse workforce.

This new section, Beyond Business launches to provide interviews, wisdom and up to date information on this growing sector along with links to organisations and individuals who can support businesses. It will also provide the opportunity to connect directly with the Beyondtheschoolrun pool of talent to share job opportunities, research new ideas and much more.

Beyond Business currently features introductions to businesses including Daisy Chain, matching and connecting parents to family-friendly employers (, P&P coaching (, and will grow to feature many organisations in this space and provide insights and news via interviews and its regular newsletter. The focus is to provide a one-stop shop for all those working in HR, talent and diversity, so they can visit Beyondtheschoolrun and find the right coach, returnship programme specialists, information and much more.

Louise Webster, the Founder of Beyondtheschoolrun, is a key influencer in this space, having attended No.10 Downing Street three times to share the concept, won Britain’s Top Real Role Model and recently had a book published in the USA called ‘A New Way for Mothers.’ She has been referred to as ‘A true change maker’ by Global Invest Her.

Louise identified the need to create a space for businesses to connect with the right support for them in turn support their own internal talent. As Louise spoke to organisations creating returnship programmes, training programmes, coaches she realised the potential to connect the dots and bring everyone together in one space.

“Since launching Beyondtheschoolun in 2012 I have seen and spoken with so many organisations and coaches who are helping businesses with their diversity, wellbeing and talent growth. It made sense to me to start to develop a place where all interested parties could find and share their skills and learnings. That is where this new space, Beyond Business, will evolve to become.”

Beyondtheschoolrun is inviting HR departments, Heads of diversity and others to sign up to a regular free newsletter to receive information on developments along with interviews with those who are learning new ways in this space.

Alongside the newsletter there are also opportunities for companies to be featured and advertise on the website. To find out more or discuss specific campaigns just contact


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Beyondtheschoolrun is a platform empowering mothers through wisdom, connections and opportunities with a popular newsletter, daily motivation, Beyondtheschoolrun TV and events. It has a strong community of parents from across the UK and worldwide.

About Louise Webster

Louise Webster is the Founder of, the platform to empower mothers and the Author of ‘A New Way for Mothers.’ She won Britain’s Top Real Role Model in 2014, has been invited to No.10 Downing Street twice to discuss her work and has been referred to as a ‘true change maker.’



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