I am excited to share an opportunity with you.

I have been thinking during this current situation that as our windows of time have got smaller it is more important than ever to find new ways to make progress.  And to do this we need clarity, support from others, connections and inspiration.  

I am working on a concept to support us all in doing just that and beyond.  This situation has highlighted the need more than ever for us to work in a new way, to create businesses in a new way and I am always exploring how to do just that.  

I am going to be developing a place where I can support you directly with your work, your steps and progressing towards your dreams all in the hours available to you.  I will be working on the full offering over the coming months but I am inviting you to come on board at this early stage as a Founding Member.   The Founding Members will receive an amazing opportunity to connect with content, receive direct support from me, experts learnings, motivation and so much more.

The world needs your vision, compassion and whatever it might be you are dreaming of or working on right now and beyond.  This really is a one off opportunity, because once the concept grows the offering will change and now is the time for us to create positive change together for our lives and the lives of others.  

This is for all mums whether you:

  • You have an idea for a business and want to move forward
  • Already have a business and wish to make greater progress 
  • You have decided you want to take steps towards following your dreams and passions and want help doing that
  • You are in work but wanting to find ways to combine working from home and the caring for the children
  • You have been out of the workplace for a while and want to explore and connect in an inspiring place.

The Founding Members membership will include:

  •    Regular one to one mum clinics with me to discuss your vision and identify steps 
  •    Expert masterclasses across social media, wellbeing, work and so much more
  •    Live Q&A’s
  •    Inspiration and learnings from my book ‘A New Way for Mothers’
  •    An amazing group to support and motivate you on
  •    Exclusive opportunities to support your growth and the growth of your work
  •    You will have the rate secured at this price for as long as you wish

Bonuses on sign up (worth £130):

  •       3-month free subscription to Blinkist
  •       One mention across the Beyondtheschoolrun platform 
  •       One month membership to Studentnannies.com


  • £110 for the year or £10 per month 

 I truly believe this group can make huge progress together.

This is a vision for an exciting new future for us and our children but we can’t do it alone and it’s time for us to step up and rise up together.  

There are a limited number of places, DM me at info@beyondtheschoolrun.com to express interest or for more details.  This is an amazing step.


“We need more people like you” Mary Portas 

“One of the best experts” Red magazine

“Louise’s mission to help talented women work around school hours is just brilliant and she is such an avid supporter of women in everything she does. Louise is one of life’s connectors and a great cheerleader to have in your corner!” Tracey, founder of studentnannies.com












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