3 Simple Steps To Happiness

By Fiona Clark, Founder of Inspired Mums

Do you have a seemingly perfect life yet struggle to feel truly happy and content? Are you left feeling inexplicably unfulfilled and unsatisfied at the end of the day? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. As a career and confidence coach who has helped hundreds of mums find a greater sense of fulfillment, I’ve noticed an increasing number of women constantly striving for the next big ‘thing’ that they think will make them happy.

Often we mistakenly assume that success is the key to happiness, when in fact research from psychologists shows it is the other way around – the happier we are, the more successful we become. So what steps can we take to make sure we achieve true happiness in life?

3 simple steps to happiness:

  1. Reset the bar

In my experience, we are often our own worst enemies – expecting more from ourselves than we expect from others. In this age of Facebook and Instagram, mums in particular are at risk of wanting to have it all – a fulfilling career, an equal and loving partnership and happy and successful children and so on…

The end result is that we set the bar too high and then strive to meet our own unrealistic expectations. Not surprisingly this can lead to disappointment as we fall short of these exacting standards. So the next time you hear yourself being harder on yourself than you would be on others, proactively reset the bar and take the pressure off. Remember good is good enough – after all nothing in life is perfect.

  1. Keep things in perspective

Sadly it often takes a major life event – such as a health problem or the sudden death of someone close – to bring things sharply into perspective. We all need to accept that some things in life are out of our control. The only thing we can control is how we react to these life events. In the meantime, we need to ensure we aren’t ‘sweating the small stuff’ and burning up precious time and energy worrying about inconsequential issues or niggles.

  1. Focus on the present

Focusing on the past and the future can sometimes make us feel disheartened and sad – research shows that you are much happier if you live in the present and focus on being grateful for what you have now. Try not to worry about things in the future that haven’t happened yet. Instead, relax and find your flow. In the midst of a busy day, take the time to stop and observe your children and admire what they admire – whether that’s a cloud, an insect or the painting they have just done!

It’s important to bear in mind that you won’t feel more fulfilled overnight – it takes time to retrain your brain to think differently. However, by following these 3 steps you are sure to kick-start your journey to achieving true happiness in life.

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