A New Way for Mothers by Louise Webster

There is incredibly important yet untapped talent among mothers who have replaced career aspirations or creative outlets with family priority. Those women who have put their interests on hold to care for their children face a huge challenge in re-connecting with the professional world again in a way that recognizes their needs to continue to be available for their children.
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This book will provide inspiration, encouragement, and a step-by-step approach for every mother wishing to engage their talents during the hours their children are at school. This book has strategies and tips for all aspects of life–from finding the right type of work to supporting your health–to help moms find purpose and balance through the crucial preschool years and beyond.
“For a mum juggling a career and parenthood ‘A New Way for Mothers’ by Louise Webster offers advice on how you can use your skills while your children are at school and rethink your work/life balance.  Inspiring stuff.”
Metro newspaper

“Inspirational Louise Webster founder of awardwinning website beyondtheschoolrun.com has published a really brilliant book, providing encouragement and a step-by-step approach for mothers wishing to use their talents during the hours their children are at school.”
Angels and Urchins Magazine

It looks really great – even just skimming on my phone I can see how important and valuable this book will be. Well done you! Can’t wait to read on bigger screen.”
Annie Reid

Co-Editor , Angels and Urchins Magazine

“I have just been looking through your super book again as it really contained some useful stuff.”

Clover Stroud

Writer and author

I just wanted to pop in and say I serendipitously came across your book at my local library (I’m in Melbourne, Australia) and it is FABULOUS! Speaks to me on SO many levels! Thank you for writing it”  Mother, in Australia
Reader - Australia

I just read your book. It was awesome.  It taught me so many things and I’m optimistic about my new approach.”
Young mother, India

I’ve spent the day reading your book and writing loads of notes and then following up with some of the references you give.  I just wanted to let you know that I think your book is terrific. Brilliantly written but also so thought provoking and insightful.  I LOVED your advice about creating a flexible routine, removing negative media, about taking care of your own wellbeing and also about getting back to your authentic voice.  So I wanted to drop you a quick line to say congratulations – not only for writing a book – which is pretty amazing in itself – but to say congratulations for writing such a brilliant book.”

Mother of two and self employed Marketing Director


“I just wanted to tell you how much I love your book.  It was literally like reading my own story and I loved it all.  I teach so many similar things myself to my students.  Thank you for creating such a brilliant resource.”

Mother and Business Founder


I really liked the idea of this book, having spent the last few years in a fug of not knowing what my next step would be.

I enjoyed individual chapters, I enjoyed the feeling that someone else felt like me when I had young kids (the isolation, days spent not really talking to grown ups whilst I pushed a small person on the swing for the 10,0000th time, the lack of connection with people) and I can see that Louise has an incredible brain – not only to be able to articulate all these things that I thought (and so I can only imagine a lot of other mums did too) but to get it put into book form and sell it.

This would be a really great read for a mum to buy herself one day, to dip into whilst the kid naps or is at nursery for a few hours, not just as a way of thinking about how you might move forward in the future, but also as a way to reconnect with yourself in the present.”

Book review by Dress Like A Mum 


“Just wanted to let you know that your book arrived a couple of days ago.  I flicked through the first few pages and was captivated..I finished it that very evening.  It’s such a brilliant read, so inspiring and uplifting.  Thank you for sharing your journey.” Anne-Marie, mother of 3

Mother, 3 boys

“Only half way through but loving it.  Since becoming a mum this is the book I have wanted to find.  It is feeding my soul.  Thank you.”  Amazon customer
Amazon customer


I absolutely love your book, especially your stance on the work-life split. I am a budding content creator on a mission to improve the work-life juggle of mothers. I regularly backlink to your site. I would be honored if I could be part of your ecosystem as I grow. Thank you.”  


Reader in USA

THANK YOU and a huge FINALLY to Louise Webster and this book. As a mom, I’ve struggled to find a personal development book geared toward the reality of motherhood. For a mother who not only has a 9-2 work day but also to connect with her own unique reality in order to find her passions. I loved how this entire book focused on the future and finding a NEW way as I was stuck in how my life was BEFORE baby. I was also stuck believing I had to miss that life and WANT to go back to it. That it was the only way. Instead of finding my new way that would make me happier. Evolve. Grow. I don’t have 100 hours a week or the desire to travel or spend my time working into the wee hours. I want pieces for myself in my life and at the same time spend time with my daughter in my way.

I’m grateful for a book that doesn’t give a prescriptive way that works for one lifestyle. Instead, Louise creates ways for you to think for yourself, connect with what you’ve been disconnected with, and be proud to execute these dreams. She shows you ways to connect with the right people for you. To make time for the things that matter to you- and not feel guilt for those you politely say “no thanks” to. She encourages you to always be learning – it’s a basic need that we forget as a mother.

All in all, this book allowed me to do the work to find what works for me. My new way. Not hers or his. Mine. 

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