Be open minded


Feel like you need to stimulate your brain again or discover a new or hidden skill. Well here are courses, training and education ideas that may just ignite that spark.

We will also be sharing here returnship programmes that a supporting mothers in training and re-engaging with the workplace. 

Transition Peak – an online career coaching are offering a discount code for their Self-analysis Module (module 2) . Discount code is for 10% valid until 02-03-2020. It is not valid for the Transition Modules only. Discount code: Beyond10

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Be yourself

You may be looking for a new direction or not quite sure which avenue to take. Well you have come to the right place – we hope you find the guidance or wisdom you are looking for to set you on your way.  ”Many lives, many masters!”

Beingworks ( coaches individuals as they navigate their way through life events to find clarity and purpose. Sign up for their newsletter: or email

The Talents Ladies


Be Digital

Connecting with the digital world after a period of time away from the workplace can seem challenging but you can find your place on your digital journey at any time.  Take your first steps today you never know where it will take you.

Wanting to boost your confidence and gain invaluable next generation digital workplace skills? Online training and all-round digital skills training experts, Digital Mums, may just have the answer. – Nicola is a social media strategist offering bespoke training and consultancy on how to effectively use social media for business.  Code: BTSR for 10% off her social media workshops.










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